Do You Have A Lifestyle Business? Should You Be Ashamed?

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

A lifestyle business has connotations of a “small time” business, one that’s not growing, even. However, is it “ok” to have a business, that you don’t want to grow into the next multi-million dollar enterprise, but just want to live well and provide for your family?

The New York Times writes

“I’d say a lifestyle business is any company where the owner’s motivations go beyond a strict definition of return on investment. If a business owner makes decisions that include more factors than just what will increase shareholder value, then he/she — at least to some extent — is running a lifestyle business. For example, maybe you want to live in San Diego, so you start a Search Engine Optimization agency in San Diego even though the best thing to do from a shareholder value perspective is to locate in foggy San Francisco or snowy New York.” — John Warrillow, author of “Built to Sell

What do you say?

  1. Mmm, Patagonia is a lifestyle business and it isn’t small. For that matter, so is SAP. Both recognize that work is just a part of a person’s existence and should not be the sole endeavor in which they derive fulfillment. Wanting to be able to have a good quality of life and feel satisfied on all fronts (family, individual non-work related pursuits, business) is a goal worth pursuing and I am therefore PROUD to have a lifestyle business for the past 24 years!

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